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Just recently got my replacement 40c and was hoping my MP difficulties were over. Went to the range and shot about 150 rounds. Other than shooting to the left I didn't have any problems. When I went to clean my gun I noticed something strange about the barrel. The edges around the barrel (where the round lays not where the round exits) were beveled and had a small notch at about 2 o'clock. It looks like things were a little off when it was machined. None of my other pistols (Ruger, Browning, Kel-Tec) have this. They just present as a perfect circle. My first 40c was also fine in this regard. I sent this pistol back to S&W and they replaced the front site but indicated that the barrel passed inspection. This doesn't look right to me. Has anyone else noticed this with their pistols and do you guys think that this will effect performance/reliability?


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