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Will the 9mm/.40 Get An External Safety?

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I was just over on the 1911 Forum and a post said that a S&W Rep said an external safety would soon be offered on the 9mm/.40 M&P. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

From the 1911 Forum:

"I looked at the .40 cal M&P today and it seems like an ok gun. But I`m not terribly impressed with the hinged trigger safety. The S&W rep said it shouldn`t be long before the external safety should be an option on the .40 or 9mm. "
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Just makes the gun more complicated.

having a manual safety is fine for those used to carrying a gun like the 1911 or Hi power.

If you are transitioning from something like the XD, Glock Walther, or other striker fired weapon it will just make life more complex.
I agree for the most part, but it is good for SWAT type folks (read Paul Howe's comments on manual safety) and those times when you just have to stuff it in your shorts for a quick run.

You can always leave it off.
No thanks, I choose the M&P for the features it has, not that it will have down the line...

I bought it because it didn't have any external safeties....
My finger is the only safety I really care to have. As already stated, an external safety just complicates things. Keep my finger off of the trigger until I am ready to shoot and keep the pistol in a good holster with the trigger covered. This system works and is in keeping with the KISS rule.

I'm holding out for a grip safety........... :wink:
ClosetCaseNerd said:
Options are good!

Options also help sell guns.If Glock had it as an option there would be a lot more sold but how can you improve on absolute perfection according to Mr. Gaston.

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