Price includes shipping to your FFL.
I'm willing to take less if I keep the BCG or Surefire assembly or both. Make an offer.
Centurion Lower.

Colt 11.5” barrel (pinned and welded to 16”)

Nodak A1 upper (M4 feed ramps, no brass deflector).

Teardrop forward assist (surplus from Thoroughbred).

ALG ACT trigger.

Forward Controls takedown/pivot pin.

SOLGW LPK (unless noted).

Retro receiver extension (2 position), stock, A1 grip, 6-hole hand-guard (all Brownells).

Surefire Scout DF, pressure switch. Light mount modified to fit.

Surplus Colt bolt carrier (C-marked, re-keyed, bolt is new, but not Colt).

Surplus carry-handle mount (sourced from Onyx).

Aimpoint PRO, Vortex 30mm scope ring.

Less than 300 rounds.