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Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I just bought a set of the new XS Sights for my M&P from Monte & Joe at XS Sights. Great deal, Great service, my order was a few days longer because I paid by a money order & had to wait for it to get to them by snail mail. I mailed it out on the 18th, Joe Long e-mailed me on the 21 st that he rec'd my check & he would be shipping my order out the same day. They arrived last night by Fedex ground. These bunch of folks have it going on. They take good care of there customers. I tried to get them to give the members of this forum a price break, as of this time nothing in the works. But, hey guys lets get on them about that, whats the best way to advertise, show your product, so I have a set to try out. So, guys lets start e-mailing these guys at XS Sights and let them know we're interested in there products....

Again thanks to all the gang at XS Sights :wink: :wink:

My hat goes off to Monte & Joe, Great job guys....

Ken (gunpacker)
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Thanks Ken. We appreciate the kind words.

One possible point of confusion: I am Monte. And Joe. I took the habit of using my middle name on forums.

(Monte) Joe
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