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Your opinion on Small-of-back (SOB) holsters...

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I'm considering the Cross-Breeds...they look comfortable.

I would either get an IWB or a SOB holster and being a big size 36 (6'1", weigh 250 pounds), I believe a IWB holster would cut off some I think the SOB holster would be more comfortable. I'm also use to tucking in a OWB hoslters don't really work too well for CCW.

What SOB holsters have you tried on/owned...and what would you recommend. This is for a M&P40.

Again, I'm looking at the cross-breed...but that's really just because I haven't heard of many/any other recommendations for SOB styles.

Any input would be appreciated!
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Small of the back holsters if worn truely there, are very dangerous. If you fall or are knocked down on you back spinal cord damage is very possible. Plus the draw stroke is not good and it's slow and, it is easily bump check found and very hard to protect. CHECK 360 David.
B.T. got it right. Pros use strong side hip carry for a reason. Yup, there are pros who use S.O.B.; they are the exception that proves the rule.
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